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Solving Security concerns with wireless technology

Security Concerns?

We specialize in wireless perimeter security systems designed to cover walls, gates, waterfront, indoor and other outdoor areas.  We also offer local and remote view security cameras, license plate cameras and so much more!


We are committed to providing security solutions for your specific needs.

Perimeter Security

Stopping and controlling unauthorized access to your property is paramount.  Our wireless beams and lasers offer the technology and reliability to secure your perimeter. The system can be customized to meet your specific requirements including, topography, elevation changes and  environmental challenges. 

Notification System

Our patented sentry pole notification system technology may be installed in addition to the beams & lasers as part of your perimeter protection package. When a beam is broken, the siren and lights are triggered notifying the unsuspecting  intruder that they have been detected.  We have found that the majority of intruders will retreat.

License Plate Camera

Security Cameras

Security is important in a world where break-ins are common, and we know that protecting your family and business are of great concern.  Choosing the correct security cameras and recording devices are critical. We also offer license plate cameras, remote viewing and extended recording capabilities.

Audio Visual Integration is the preferred Optex integrator

We can protect miles of perimeter with Optex wireless technology covering various topography including waterfront, multiple elevation changes and other environmental challenges.  Call us today at 321-228-5053 to schedule your personalized site evaluation.

“You can depend on our highly trained and certified staff to always perform professionally and courteously.”


We specialize in...

  • Wireless beams & red scan lasers
  • Perimeter breach notification
  • Sentry pole intruder alert systems
  • Waterfront notification systems
  • Fence and wall perimeter coverage
  • Our patent pending sentry pole
  • Security cameras with remote view
  • Day/Night cameras 
  • License plate cameras
  • Infrared cameras
  • Auto-tracking cameras

Perimeter Protection

Don’t give crime an opportunity by keeping it on the outside.  With today’s leading perimeter security technology, you can instantly know when your perimeter is breached.  You’ll also know exactly where the perimeter breach occurred.  You can view and automatically record video of the breach in real time.  All of these resources are intended to help stop and eliminate intrusions.  Our perimeter systems provide all of this and so much more!  

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