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6 Reasons to Install Security Cameras at Your Business

Reasons to Install Security Cameras at Your Business

If you think security is important for your home, you should also consider the place you spend most waking hours of your workweek. Whether you’ve got products to protect, sensitive information to surveille, or multiple locations to monitor, here are six reasons to install commercial security cameras at your business.

Vacation Time

You don’t have to hover over your business to know that it’s being taken care of. With remote view security cameras, you can constantly monitor your commercial building without even having to clock in. Whether you’re using your laptop from a remote coffee shop or sitting on the beach with your cell phone, you can stay connected with staff and still find time to take time off.

Video Evidence

Video evidence is undeniable. In the event that you have to make an insurance claim or defend your business against fraudulent accusations, you can fall back on security camera footage to support your statement.

Quality Control

If you have multiple locations to manage, you don’t have to sacrifice your schedule to oversee your distant operations. You can remotely access your security cameras to easily monitor each of your locations without having to travel across cities or even states, which can save time and money.

Theft Reduction

Consider placing cameras on the outside of your business to keep theft to a minimum. Because, intruders are a lot less likely to burglarize a surveilled business over one with no security at all. Similarly, you can place commercial security cameras inside your business to deter employees from committing internal crimes.

Cost Savings

If you take extra measures to protect your business and lower the risk of break-ins, your insurance company may offer you a lower premium. Because your business becomes less of a liability to insure, you can save money each month while securing your space. Security cameras can also save your business money as a cheaper alternative to security guards or other hired security assistance.

Total Security

You don’t only have to place cameras overlooking your precious inventory or unsupervised rear entrance; you can use security cameras to protect and improve every area of your business. For example, if you want to lower the risk of vehicular theft in your parking lot, install cameras to protect your employees’ and customers’ cars. Or, if you want to increase productivity in the warehouse, install cameras to keep employees engaged throughout the day.

Commercial Security Installation

At Orlando AVI, we can supply your business with a complete security camera package that monitors every area of your choice. Our commercial security camera selection offers day and night protection, and our professional staff offers premium installation. When you’re ready to start securing your business, call us at 321-228-5053.