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Audio Visual Integration, Inc. is the preferred Optex integrator.  We choose Optex beam and laser products because they are reliable, flexible and completely customizable.    

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Who is Optex?

A World Leader in
Sensor Manufacturing

  • World class engineering department
  • Inventors of the outdoor detector for automatic doors, using active and passive infared
  • Over 25 companies in its global portfolio
  • 40 years of experience

Optex Redscan Laser Technology

Providing indoor and outdoor security solutions

Optex horizontal detection area


Optex has developed features that help to virtually eliminate false and missed alarms.

Optex horizontal detection area side view


Battery powered options open up areas of protection that were previously unattainable.

Optex vertical detection area


Detect and deter before the threat access or does damage to critical assets.

Optex vertical detection area side view


Optex has the right detection solution for any application and environment

Audio Visual Integration is the preferred Optex integrator

We can protect miles of perimeter with Optex wireless technology covering topography including waterfront and varying elevations.  Call us today at 321-228-5053 to schedule your personalized site evaluation.

Active infrared technology diagram

Active Infrared Technology

  • Active infrared technology is also known as photobeams or photoelectric detectors
  • Utilized a transmitter and receiver
  • The transmitter sends invisible infrared light to the receiver
  • When the infrared beam is interrupted, an alarm is triggered
optex photobeam diagram

Photobeam Facts

  • The “beam” is pulsed infrared
  •  The light pulses very rapidly (80-300 per second).
  • Even when the “light” can’t be seen, it is impossible to determine or defeat the pulse intervals
  • The farther the beam travels, the farther it spreads
  • The receiver determines the size of the detection beam
  • Frequencies are different to avoid cross talk
Optex beam enclosure sizes

Beam Enclosures

  • Beams are selected based on distance and features
  • Mounting enclosures are either single or double sided
  • Enclosure heights vary based on project specifications
  • Additional accessories are available
  • Pre-assembly is offered when a site plan is provided

Security Concerns?

Our perimeter beam and laser systems can detect the direction of an intruder, the speed at which they are moving, and can discern between animals and humans. 

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